SOLD CITY - When housing becomes a commodity

 The new "FILM FROM BELOW" by Leslie Franke and Herdolor Lorenz, 92 minutes

Help make a film that shows how we take the floor out of speculation in housing

The film SOLD CITY will use the locations Berlin, Paris, Hamburg, Munich, London and Vienna to explore the questions of how people experience the current real estate boom, where the price increases come from and what possibilities and alternatives there are to resist them. Other films on the subject usually see it as enough to lament about the tenancy crisis. But not SOLD CITY. The film helps viewers understand why property prices and rents have risen so sharply since the financial crisis. It shows examples, even role models, of how citizens successfully unite against this development. And it concludes that the discourse on fundamental land reform is more urgent than ever. SOLD CITY begins and ends in Berlin. For it is here that all the points of conflict in the housing market meet, and not just in the city’s rent cap, which is unique in the world. The petition for a referendum "Expropriate Deutsche Wohnen&Co" also confuses investors.

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