Blue Gold in the Garden of Eden

Blue Gold in the Garden of Eden  Blue gold in the garden of Eden

A Koproduction of Kernfilm with ZDF/ARTE, 2003
A film by Leslie Franke
Length: 58 min.

 If today a possible reason for war in theMiddle- and Near East is oil, tomorrow it could be fresh water and itsdistribution and long-lasting exploitation. Turkey, Syria and Iraq togethershare the two biggest water streams of the region: Euphrat and Tigris. In thiscase ?sharing? is not a suitable word, because since more than three decadesTurkey has realized one of the most gigantic dam wall projects worldwide at theupper flow of the streams. Meanwhile it refuses to obey internationalagreements concerning border crossing rivers. The so-called South-East-Anatolia-Project(GAP) is meant to catapult the ?underdeveloped? south-eastern part of Turkey,most- ly inhabited by Curds, into the industrial age, with the help of energyproduction and irrigation of huge dimensions. The film tells about the socialand ecological consequences of the GAP-Project using impressive images.Uprooting, impoverishment, spoiled ground, polluted water and diseases,previously unknown to the region, belong to the reality of the pro- misedGarden of Eden. But even before these problems are recog- nized, let alone beensolved, new dam projects have been planned and are in a phase right beforetheir implementation. Fresh and sufficient water resources of the Euphrat andTigris are becoming increasingly a question of survival for the neigh- bouringcountries. How to solve this problem? Turkey seems to have a solution: anyonewho suffers from shortage of drinking water can buy it from her? Water ? ahuman right ?!
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