It breaks my heart

 It breaks my heart “It breaks my heart”

Two Bosnian refugee families are looking for a new home
A Coproduction of Kerntv, WDR and ARTE, 2000
A long time documentary by Leslie Franke and Hermann Lorenz
Length: 59 min.
“It breaks my heart“, that‘s how the Bosnian refugee Dzemal Alic describes his life in Germany . Since 1992 he’s living in a caravan site near Hamburg airport, every day waiting to return to his Bosnian home-town..............
As a Serbia-Croatian family the Prodanovic family can’t go back to Bosnia. Since 1992 the´ve been living in the east-German town Schwerin asking themselves where they can stay in the future. The mother Milka – a doctor - tries everything to integrate in Germany. She´s telling about her thoughts and experiences in Schwerin, at work, while loosing her work and later on while her identity crises. The „strong woman, who could manage everything“ in the past, describes herself now as a „ helpless child“. „ Germany is only for Germans, it is not a land you can find a home“, she is telling after being refugee in Schwerin for 5 years. In the same time her husband Predrag and the children are thinking oppositely: For them Schwerin is now there new home. But German authority wants to send Prodanovics back to Bosnia...............
For seven years the film accompanies the Prodanovics and Dzemal Alic and we experience their desperation and hopes. Will they find a new home?
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